“ Prodigy Martial Arts has been the most stable part of our children’s education for the past 8 years. No matter how many other activities they have taken on or dropped, this is one that soon became unchangeable and unconditional!. 

They are really confident in their students’ abilities, because they teach the art well! 

While evaluating all his teachers throughout his life, including school, my high school junior son once concluded that Mr. Fabela was the most exceptional, and that he owed him the most, whereas my 9 year old decided that Mr. Ayala is simply the best! Thank you Prodigy!"  

- Fatma Helmy



I've left karate after some years, as horses and teaching other sports took over.

Now, I'm glad to be back, in an environment that is both friendly, serious and professional at the right times.

So it feels good learning and ensuring my technique is being guided the right way.

-Brett Martin

My son has been a student at Prodigy Martial Arts for three years now and we feel we have found a perfect place for him to expend his Karate skills, learn about honor, responsibility and time management....all under one roof :)) Both Master Fabela and Master Ayala are fantastic teachers who truly enjoy their students and work!

 -Ursula H

The American Kenpo Karate is an excellent way of learning self defense, body control and a way of concentration in every movement. Mr Raul Fabela and Mr Miguel Ayala are both incredibly good teachers that mix discipline with a lot of joy. The environment is very welcoming and you get a good feeling as a parent. I honestly recommend this Dojo for both children and adults.

 - Anette T.